Two pages in a week! A Spy6teen first!
Well gang, we’re moving into the conclusion of Volume one here. But we’ve still got two pages to go as a concluding beat– what could they be, I wonder?
I will say that this is “Exit Stage Left” for Cally in this Volume, and what a great image for her to go out on– for more on that, let’s move to:


On the last page, I linked out Webcomic Alliance’s article about working in a team environment, well this page in particular really showcases exactly how working as a team can bump a page up to the next level.
In the original script, this is how the page read:

Cally take off running, she looks happy– excited for her next mission, she’s rounded a corner of her Super-hero life, ready to accept her responsibilities with an understanding of her importance in the larger scheme of things.
In the mid-background, Blake stands totally confused.
In the far background we see Montauk High as the Firefighters and emergency crews finish up.
BLAKE: But– are we even having classes today?

And that’s it– as scripted, we would have gone out on that first panel– But, obviously, DJ had a much better idea, and one that gives Cally a iconic exit.

As soon as I saw the page, I grinned like a fool– of course we should go out on a big Cally image! That’s the benefit of working with an artist as talented as DJ– His storytelling chops are honed, and when he sees an opportunity to push the page, he will.
On top of it, he IS storytelling in this “bonus panel”– we see Cally “Happy– excited for her next mission”– with the added element of the Eiffel Tower, we know she’s in Paris for her next adventure, which fits in with the globetrotting element we’ve been working in for the past four issues.

This is one image that says multiple things– and is far more interesting than Firefighters and emergency crews cleaning stuff up…which would be an image we’ve already established in previous pages anyhow.

You’ll also note that, in the original script, Blake has the last line– Which, upon reflection, is a little silly. Editor DJ Kirkbride noticed that the Eiffel Tower panel looked a little odd without any copy, and suggested that we add a Cally response via a CAP. The line he suggested, “School’s out today” rings perfectly with the theme of Volume one.

When it came time for Colors, Lisa knew exactly what to do for the tone of that final panel. There’s this term that’s banded around Television writing: A “Blue Sky” show– it’s usually in reference to shows like Monk, White Collar, I guess Chuck fits in there…basically, where tonally, even at their worst moments, the show exists in a world of “Blue Skies”– nothing REALLY heavy is going to happen.

When Lisa came back with the colors for this page, that was my first thought: Cally is off on a Blue Sky adventure– which, after Issue 3, she’s earned.


Well gang, 2 pages to go in Volume 1. As those pages roll out (TBD in terms of scheduling, but I’ll try to group them as I did with these pages and do a 2 for 1 week hit), I’ll be reflecting back on the last 88 someodd pages, and waxing on a bit about the future of Spy6teen!