In High School, no one is ever who they seem to be. Everyone holds a secret. Information becomes key to survival. Espionage fills the hallways as secret coded notes are passed back and forth, containing highly classified information that could be devastating if it falls into the wrong hands…It’s a dangerous minefield– even without the involvement of shadowy government agencies!

Cally Calhoon knows this better than anyone. Recruited into a mysterious government agency called THE QUAD, she works as an undercover field agent attempting to dismantle a worldwide terrorist organization known as The Chaos Imperious.
Cally balances a delicate tightrope of her high school life and her spy world. But as she delves deeper into missions of exotic locales, mysterious agents, and dazzling deathtraps, the startling scope of the Chaos Imperious plot begins to unfold before her; challenging everything she knows about her past, present, and future…oh yeah, and to make matters worse– she’s got an English paper due!

There’s a few different ways to read Spy6teen– Obviously, the web version, which you can start on right here:

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