Tim Simmons is a Los Angeles based writer/producer. He stays up very late at night and drinks lots of coffee.
In those late hours, he is usually typing away on a teleplay, screenplay, or a comic script. When he isn’t doing those things, he might be found writing a commentary article for Geekweek, or working on his other website, The Comic Book Script Archive.

Tim was born in Texas, raised in Hawaii, and schooled in Philadelphia…He has a very good sense of direction.

TWITTER: @citizentim


DJ Keawekane is a Hilo based artist, father, and husband. He counts artists such as Joe Madureira, Whilce Portacio, Jim Lee, and J. Scott Campbell amongst his influences. When DJ isn’t behind the drawing board, he spends his time working as a local Hilo superhero, but we can’t tell you which one, since that would give his secret identity away.

DJ recently wrapped art duties on Pono Loa: The King Who ate Men. Follow DJ on DeviantArt!

TWITTER: @djkeawekane


Lisa Moore resides in North East Texas and is quickly becoming an in-demand colorist. In just three years she’s moved from her beginnings as a flatter to the amazingly vibrant colors you see on Spy6teen. In addition to those colors, Lisa is our resident special effect guru!

Lisa also colors Darkwing Duck for Boom Studios, Wannabez by Brant Fowler, and she still somehow finds time to work on her forthcoming book, in which she’s debuting as a writer/colorist!
Keep up with all of Lisa’s adventures at her homepage, Hueville!

TWITTER: @hueville

BRANT FOWLER // Letterer/Flatter

Brant Fowler is a Writer, Artist, Letterer, Editor, and logo designer based in Kentucky. He is also also a partner at the Comic Related website– a site that  really needs to be your favorites. Brant’s superpower is being able to either slow down time, or stop it entirely. I’m not sure which; between his work lettering, writing his comic: Wannabez (colored by Lisa Moore), and managing his design studio: Gonzogoose, it’s clear that Brant has somehow mastered a 34 hour day.

TWITTER: @wannabezcomic

DJ KIRKBRIDE // Story Editor

D.J. Kirkbride is Los Angeles based writer/editor. He has served as an editor for Image’s Popgun anthology, garnering a 2010 Eisner Award for Popgun Volume 3. All 4 volumes are in stores now.

In his spare time, D.J. enjoys writing haikus about ninjas– which has been published into the novel: Do You Believe in Ninjas? Available on Amazon!

TWITTER: @DJKirkbride