Well, it was bound to happen at some point: We’re missing this week.

By my count, we’ve put in 79-ish pages, every one of them on their scheduled release day. Sure, a few of them skirted the edges of the 24-hour cycle, but it was still “release day” somewhere in the world! (Usually for DJ, since he’s in Hilo, and thus we’ve got the benefit of one of the most western points of US time zones!)–

I always knew it had to eventually happen. Honestly, if I was a betting man, I would have put it much sooner!
Thankfully, nothing horrible has happened. None of Team 16 had a Celebrity style meltdown (well, Kirkbride does all the time, but that never affects production). We just got slammed this week with other work.

Still, 79 weeks. I’m pretty damn proud of us.

We’ll be back next week for sure. We apologize, of course, and thank you in advance for being understanding. I know you guys will be, because you’re some of the most awesome readers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

PS- amusing aside: We were thinking about running this week’s page incomplete– I thought it might make for an interesting look at Production. But ultimatily, we decided against it, figuring it’s always better to put your best foot forward– even if that foot is a week late.

Later in the afternoon, Brant sent me over a little piece from Scott Kurtz, talking about Mark Waid’s new digital imprint, Thrillbent. If you’re interested in Big Two comics, Webcomics, or what Mark’s doing digitally, I highly recommend reading: Mark Waid is Fearless.

A little nugget in there really resonated with me, today of all days:

“Now more than ever the most important thing to focus on is the quality of your work. Worry not about tee shirts, advertising networks, website design, posters or convention appearances. Only the best will be noticed. Words and pictures, my friends.”

…And that just reaffirmed to me that we made the right decision in not running an incomplete page.

Page 14 next week. Hell or high water.