Welcome to our kickoff of Issue 2!

I went through the issue 2 script over the Thanksgiving weekend to refresh myself on what’s coming up– and whooo-boy, is it going to be a fun one. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually read the scripts (having been working on Issue 1 production,) so although I knew all the broad story strokes, I’d actually forgotten some of the little “grace note” moments– It’s going to be a really fun one, promise!

Over the weekend, I did some minor site tweeking stuff– You’ve probably noticed the new Header, which I really wanted to signify that we’re “in” issue 2…And I finally put a border box around the “Start Here” image. That’s one of those little things that’s been driving me insane.

I also put up our “temp” cover for Issue 2— If you remember, for the longest time we had a temp cover for Issue 1, which went through a number of tweeks before we finally landed on “Launch Time”– It’s the same deal here.
I’ll talk more about it on this week’s blog entry!

Hopefully over this week, we’ll roll out a few more cosmetic changes– including a hotlink to the first page of Issue one and Two, and (depending on how it looks) our twitter feed rolling on the side for site announcements.


Honestly, this is one of my favorite pages– I’ve always been a fan of characters just hanging out in their natural environment. In particular, with Claremont’s old X-men run– for some reason I enjoyed the scenes with the crew just hanging out at the X-Mansion– To me, that was the stuff that really made them feel like living and breathing characters.

DJ and I talked a lot about Blake’s room– it might seem silly to you, but in some ways I think it was both of us getting in touch with our inner-sixteen year old to create the cool bedroom we always wanted…And, like our rooms probably were, it’s naturally a little messy!
Big Screen computer monitor in view of the bed, Comic book longboxes, posters on the wall– yeah, I think Blake’s room is a LOT of our rooms.
Part of DJ’s process is building sketch layouts of locations– actually, to call them “sketches” is a bit of a disservice– they’re more akin to blueprints– check it out:

With a detailed model like this, DJ is free to “roam” about the room with his panel angles, and not worry about having to create a fourth wall if he wants to reverse his angle.  It again goes to illustrate exactly how much unseen material is actually generated to bring you guys a Spy6teen page!

Some other fun little tid-bits from Page 1–
The posters hanging on Blake’s wall:
Wannabez, is our letterer Brant Fowler’s creator owned comic, which has just begun it’s web run.
Spy6teen fans will dig it even “Moore” (hahaha) since our own Lisa Moore handles the colors on the book!
Wannabez is a fun action/comedy-hero story– I think you’ll dig it quite a bit. Considering it’s just getting started as a webcomic (although already completed as a print book) it’s the perfect time to jump on board!

As we were searching around for another poster to hang up on Blake’s wall, DJ mentioned past project that he and Brant had worked on together– bit of a Space Opera thing. The project apparently never took flight, but that doesn’t mean it can’t exist in the Spy6teen universe!

This kind of stuff is a lot of fun to me– just the little background details, where two posters hanging on a wall mean that this material actually exists in the world of S16– yeah, it’s silly, but I’m a sucker for meta-crossovers!

The messageboard forum on Blake’s computer:
There’s a reason it’s called The Echoes of Foucalt— ten points if you get the little literary joke there.
Of course, it’s one thing to write: “On Blake’s monitor is a messageboard called “The Echoes of Foucalt” — it’s another thing to actually MAKE a messageboard to put into Blake’s monitor!

Instead of ACTUALLY building one, I thought it might be appropriate to nick a supportive forum and do a quick Photoshop hatchet job on it–
So, in reality: That’s Jason Brubaker’s “Making Graphic Novels” forum

(BTW: If you’re working on a longform web or OGN, I can’t recommend this forum enough– really friendly, talented, and knowledgeable folks frequent it–probably one of my favorite forums on the whole internet!)

Obviously, I cut a few of the details out– but if you look really, really, really, closely: you can actually see my name under “latest posts” (totally unintentional–) And (funny enough,) since it’s a screenshot of my desktop, one of the Gmail tabs reads “Spy6teen”–
I can only hope that someday, far into the future, there are compulsive/obsessive Trekkie-like fans of Spy6teen who will wonder what all this means…


Well, that’s it for this week! Again, thanks to all of you for your support through Issue 1! Team 16 is absolutely committed to bringing you guys an awesome issue two that’ll blow the lid off our first!
For a sneak peek at next week’s page (which is AWESOME!) drop us a click at Top Web Comics:

Seeya back on Thursday for another amazing edition of Blog@16!