Issue 3 begins…NOW!

Hey gang! Welcome back for the start of ISSUE 3!

This one is gonna be a game changer, so buckle up– you’re in for an exciting ride!

We’re kicking off with a Flashback here- if you note, we’ve actually started all our issues with one. I’ve always been a fan of those little mini-vignettes that kick off the Indiana Jones and James Bond films as a storytelling device, so this is our “take” on that.

They also make it easy to kick off each issue with a little bang– which is something you obviously always want to do when starting a story. Hook ‘em quick, or they won’t turn the page!

Keeping true with the idea of “exotic locales” in flashbacks, we open on the Burj Al Arab resort in Dubai. Often referred to as the world’s most luxurious hotel– and defiantly a landmark structure in the city’s profile.

Out of curiously, I did have to check the rates– apparently you can get a room there for around $1600 per night. So, yeah, book early!
Probably one of the coolest things about doing a comic book is that we aren’t limited by production or travel budgets– in just about any other medium, there’s no way we could have afforded to bring you this scene!


I think all of us collectively did a jaw drop when DJ’s page showed up in the dropbox— He’s really upped the ante for this issue with a dramatic camera angle for our “splash”–

Compositionally, it’s an incredibly balanced page, with the poles leading down to the bed giving you eyes a “lead in” point, while balanced out by Panels 1 and 3 in the corners.
I’m also completely in love with Cally’s shadow creeping across the floor– really giving the whole scene a very Noir-y/Sin City vibe!

Given the leaps and bounds DJ’s line art makes with every issue, I can guarantee that you’ll be seeing some stellar stuff coming up in the next 21 pages!


It’s funny, as I’m writing this, I’m actually watching Lisa color on the Livestream!
It’s always neat watching Lisa at work– how she references older pages to “grab” colors– for example, right now she’s highlighting colors from Page 2 of Issue 1 for Cally’s outfit in Panel 3.

While DJ was working up his lineart for the page, he went digging around for some room references, which he passed along to Lisa for a color swatch.
Here’s the suite that DJ found:

Lisa decided to use the reference, but ultimately decided that the rug’s color was ugly, so she changed that! That’s the power of a colorist!!

In particular, I really love what she did with the lighting in the room– creating a warm/cozy but still mysterious vibe based off of one lamp. I’ve often said it: Lisa is a masterful lighter– While DJ set the mood of the page, Lisa creates the tone.

Another interesting aspect (and one that I’m watching right now) is how Lisa is “creating” the glass in Panel 3. If you take a look at the line art, you’ll see that there really isn’t a “plane” there– So, the “glass” you’re seeing is all in the colors!


Letters wise, Brant was faced with a pretty minimal dialogue page– of course, I’ll never let him get off THAT easy (no issues like the famous “Silent” GI Joe comic!)– This week’s challenge was doing a “tech-y” readout that mocked a mission log for our Flashback sequence!

Brant chose a cool looking DOS like text– Green against Black– which feels pretty true to what a Spy agency might have in terms of old logs.

Added to that, we’ve got the Sepia-ish “Flashback” dialouge balloon– which lets you know these voices are froooom thhhheeeee paaaaast….and a “offscreen” Communication Balloon…

All of which is to say: This might be the most non-standard lettered page of Spy6teen yet!!


In case you missed it, over the break we were highlighted in Comic Book Resources’ column: Comics Should Be Good! I’d like to take a second to thank Mr. Brian Cronin for his fantastic review!! Make sure to bookmark Comics Should Be Good– A great site to get some really fantastic reading recommendations!


It’s great to be back and we’re all looking forward to bringing you guys another awesome issue! We’ve missed you guys!!!

The voting incentive is up and running (EDIT: or rather, will be in a few hours)– so, head on over to Top Web Comics to take a look at the lineart for this week’s page!

On Thursday Blog@16 resumes– I’m working up a multi-part piece that I think you guys will enjoy– covering the creative and production processes of what we do, in the hopes that it might serve as a guide for anyone out there who wants to create their own comic!

So that’s it for this week– Next week we’ll continue our…


Seeya Thursday on the blog!!