and WOW! Right?! THAT’S how you come back from a hiatus!!


* For our “climatic Volume 1” issue, I wanted to start off with a BIG SPLASH– As the issues have gone on I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with giving up page counts for Splashes–
Interestingly, if you look back to our last 3 issues, each one has begun with a flashback– But for this issue, we’re starting with a FlashForward– of course, that’ll be a bit more obvious with next week’s page.

* I think every writer has a mental image of what the final line art is going to look like– I mean, obviously we all describe things on the page– but one of the great things about working with awesome artists like DJ is how they’ll almost always one-up your idea.
In this instance, I’d always pictured this page to be closer on Cally’s face– I thought that’d look dramatic– whereas, what DJ pulled the shot back, making it both dramatic and ACTION PACKED!

* Here’s an interesting little factoid: Each page of Spy6teen travels more than 4365 miles (and that’s just one way) before it hits your screen! It’s a good thing we work digitally! Yup, totally random fact– but I looked it up earlier and thought it was kinda cool.

* I love the way a page doesn’t really feel like it comes to life until Lisa Moore drops her colors! Not that this page felt flat in any way, but once Lisa’s gradient from the top right to bottom left really creates a Z-axis feel that encourages a sense of depth to DJ’s composition.
It’s also just a super cool effect– I was curious to see how this page was going to turn out, since I called out a minimal background in the script– mostly because I want you guys disorientated on WHEN this moment is going to be taking place.

* As you can see: Brant got to hit the “Easy button” with lettering this week’s page!


Well, it’s great to be back, gang! We’ve been pretty busy over our break– DJ has built up a pretty nice buffer of pages, plus the cover for Issue 3’s print and digital run– which I’ll debut here in a week or so!

In other Print news, in case you missed it, our print version of Issue 2 is up and available at Indyplanet! We’re currently building up some back material for Issue 3’s print– so that shouldn’t be far behind!


In great and exciting news: Lisa also kept busy over the break working on Boom’s Peanuts comic:

If today’s page and Charlie Brown doesn’t  prove Lisa’s coloring range, I don’t know what does!

In other cool Team 16 news, our own Brant Fowler was named part owner of the website, Comic Related! Be sure to bookmark it for all your comic news, and a big congrats to Brant and the CR crew! It looks to be an exciting 2012 for them!

You also might notice that we’ve joined with the Collective of Heroes…err, collective! A group of fellow webcomic’ers dedicated to bringing exciting comics to your screens! I’ll have a longer writeup on the collective at some point, but in the meantime, make sure to check out a few of the titles listed on the sidebar!


Well, that pretty much wraps up our return page! I can’t help but think I’m forgetting to mention something– so bear with me while I shake the ‘ole “writeup” rust off…
In the meantime, thanks so much to all of you for rejoining us– I can promise you a rollercoaster of a ride over the next 26 weeks! This is the one we’ve been building to since page 1!!

Oh, cool news as well– since we’ve got our buffer built up, click on the ‘ole TOP WEB COMICS incetive link to catch a sneak peak at next week’s page!!

So that’s that!! Our first page of 2012!!



It’s great to be back, gang!! Seeya in a week!!