Heya gang! Welcome back for PAGE 17!

After dishing it out for the last few pages, looks like Cally’s gonna take some lumps from Everett/Warpy!

This page pretty much starts our “darkest moment” story beat– so, you can safely bet that the next few pages aren’t going to be the most pleasant for our gal!


* Great panel movement out of DJ for this page– in particular how he ping-pongs the focal points of each one from right to left, down the page. It’s great storytelling chops, but it also helps create a sense of kinetic action movement, that– let’s face it, you need when you’re getting slapped around by the tentacles of a multidimensional monster.

* There’s some nice glow-effects from Lisa this week as well. I’m a big fan of color effect that Everett’s consciousness transfer machine halos around him in Panel 1. There’s something about it that reminds me of Fringe— both in context and in visual effect– and, since I am a fan of Fringe, it works out smashingly for me.
Sidenote: If you open up a Fringe discussion in the comments, beware the ultra-nerding out of myself and DJ Kirkbride. You have been warned.

* Brant adds in a subtle storytelling touch this page: Notice the progression over the last few pages of Warpy and Everett’s balloons, and you’ll notice them getting closer and closer– which, naturally, represents their consciousness’ melding together.
Brant timed out that by this page, the process would nearly be complete.
If you notice, we can barely see Everett’s balloon in Panel 4!


Actually not much to report this week– I’ve been buried under a few scripts & launching a “fun” website called Frodobooth (basically housing a moderately popular weekly image meme collection called Friday Frodos), and trying to revamp The Comic Book Script Archive. I’ve also been breaking ground on the next arc of Spy6teen! I’m actually really stoked to get into the actual writing of the next phase– as I think a number of you know, there’s a ton more stuff that goes into writing a comic that ISN’T writing a comic…so, it’s been fantastic to get back to the “fun” part!
All of which is to say, I’ve been having a blast– but I am quite buried, hence the short writeups of late. So, my apologies to you Process fans!

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