Rumors Of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated…

But, admittedly, not without merit. But hey…we’re baaaaaack!

Yeah, some things happened…we stumbled for sure, and then it was really hard to get back on the horse. Admittedly, part of it was a bad case of burnout. I mean, collectively we’ve all been at this, week after week, for more than 2 years. And that’s just this iteration of Spy6teen.

Part of it was workload and schedules changing– In the last year, Lisa has become a majorly in-demand colorist, and the amount of free time she has greatly dwindled. There were health issues that were faced by Brant‘s family– which, while frighting, thankfully all worked out…DJ‘s work schedule also changed, which left him FAR less time behing the drawing table…and then, for me (and more, my wife)– well, this happened:

And yes, if you look clearly there– there are two of them in there.
(she’s a lot further along at this point…two girls!)

Which is all to say, all of us had some adjustments to make in terms of our day-to-day…

So, basically, it started as a small break, and then kind of snowballed into a larger hiatus. What can I say, life sometimes makes other plans.

Brant had mentioned in the comments that I was due to pop in for a blog entry explaining what was going on– and, the hope was, to announce our return– but everytime I was set to, another “something” would pop up, delaying our new page.

At some point, I just decided to hold off, since the last thing I wanted to do was to announce a return, and then miss the date.

Ultimately, what we decided was to take our time. I wanted to give DJ ample time to get his pencils/inks where he wanted them to be, and completing them so that Lisa & Brant weren’t “on hold” until update day…basically, making production move in a more leisurely pace. That’s one big thing: When you’re under so much pressure to hit a deadline and it stops being fun– well, then why are we doing this? It’s comics– it’s GOTTA be fun!

Where we sit now: DJ has finished the pencils/inks for Vol.1, so he’s wrapped!
Lisa/Brant have time to finish off colors/letters at their own pace (but, we’ll still be updating weekly)– I think if you take a look at this page, and our upcoming ones, you’re going to notice a jump in artistry because they’re able to take their time!

And when Vol.1 wraps (at page 25), we’re going to take a little bit to figure out how to handle Vol.2– and make some plans for our printed/collected edition. With all our lives changing the way they are, we’ll have to suss out an alternate way of working for Vol.2, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something.

I’m gonna skip PROCESS this week– we’ll ease back into that next week. In the meantime, it feels fantastic to be back! Thanks to everyone who has waited patiently for our return!

…And yes, I do note the irony in “returning” to a page where Cally says “It’s over”!