If you haven’t noticed, we’re sort of moving at our own pace for these last pages of Volume 1– sort of updating haphazardly. What can I say? That’s just pretty much going to be par for the course for the remainder of this arc.
That said, we aren’t flaking on finishing! It might be a little ramshackle in terms of getting to the finish line for these first 4 issues, but we’ll get there, I assure you.


So, we’re moving into the conclusion of this story arc, and we’ve slid into a new scene from last page’s epic fight.
This is one of those transitions that I think will work a lot better when we’re eventually collected into print and/or a digital reader– basically, anything with a “page turn”.

Process-wise, we started on the alarm clock shot to “snap” your attention and establish a time jump. It’s a bit of a cheap trick, and one that is commonly used, for the simple fact that it’s very effective.

This is a fun Blake page, and one that we can all relate to– I particularly think DJ’s “putting on the shoes” gag in Panel 3 is really great.

All said, not a lot to go over on this page, since it’s sort of a bridge-page to our next scene. It does occur to me that as we move past our climax, it does make sense to have a decompressed page like this.


Over this weekend, a double-digit-thousand-someodd comic nerds are flooding the streets of NYC for New York Comic Con.
Even just today (Friday), news is already starting to pour out of the con– which is arguably as big as San Diego’s Comic Con in terms of announcements and hype.
Two of the announcements that caught my attention involved Comixology, which has become the leading platform for digital comics. The first is that Comixology have begun to roll out their creator distribution tools. This is something they’ve been promising for about two years now, and it looks like we’re finally on the cusp of seeing them open up their doors to indie creators.

Since its inception, Comixology has been a bit of a walled garden– Pretty much featuring only “indie” work by established companies like Dark Horse, IDW, and the like. It was actually a smart move on their behalf, considering they didn’t want their system flooded with amateur hour comics which might choke the ability of a digital customer finding the latest X-men comic…which, let’s face it, is their core audience.

Even now, Comixology is implementing a submission system, in which comics will be evaluated for quality. A number of people are crying foul at the thought of a submission requirement– but again, I get it. Comixology has a brand image they need to maintain, if they start letting in a bunch of stick figure comics that impede the ability of Joe Comic-Reader to find the latest issue of Batman…well, the whole thing crashes, doesn’t it?

Comixology just hit their 100,000,000 download this week. Considering that staggering number, I think getting on this platform is a massive step for all indie comic creators. If you’re interested in signing up/submitting, drop your name and email here.

The other cool Comixology news was the announcement of Comix4Kids, a new platform showcasing titles like Super Dinosaur, Teen Titans, Adventure Time, and more–

If you’ve been keeping up with the writeups and blogs on Spy6teen, you know I’ve been soapboxing this issue for quite some time now. Kudos to Comixology for opening up the door!

Lastly, geez, this is starting to turn into a Comixology commercial– if you happen to jump on there, make sure to grab a copy of Amelia Cole & the Unknown World by our own, DJ Kirkbride!

Amelia’s been getting some great reviews, with people saying things like:

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World creates an impressive first issue by doing both in a way that feels exciting and surprising.


exactly what I want to read from a comic.

So, head over to and check out the first three issues! Not only will you get a great comic, but you’ll be supporting the writing efforts of one of Team6teen!

Ok, back…uhhh, soon…with our next page!