Heya gang! It’s been a bit!

Well, as I mentioned last update, we’re sort of moving at our own pace to round out these last few pages. A lot of the blame there squarely rests on my shoulders– If you remember back on Page 20, I announced that my wife was pregnant with twins– well, on November 4th, two new Spy6teen fans joined our ranks:

That’s Madeline and Amelia– both born happy and healthy!

(and despite what DJ Kirkbride will tell you, Amelia was not named as a viral campaign for his comic, Amelia Cole)
So, to say the least, things have been pretty busy around the Simmons household, and unfortunately, Spy6teen took a bit of a hit in that regard.
That said, as I mentioned last update, we are committed to finishing off Vol.1, come hell or high water. What happens after that is still up in the air– but everyone on Team 16 certainly wants to further Cally’s adventures, we just have to figure out a working system that’ll allow us to do it. I’ll have some more thoughts on that as we roll into the final pages.


So, yeah– some may cry foul at how we’re glossing over Cally’s explanation– and using the “Mind Wipe” trope, but don’t forget, we are in the concluding pages of Volume one…so it’s not really the ideal point in the story to have Blake open up a whole new line of questioning.

It might feel a bit like a cop out– but the way I see it, Blake doesn’t completely buy this explanation either– but he’s willing to let it slide for the time being. (Probably on account of the memory wipe hangover)–You can rest assured, sometime down the road, Blake is going to start putting the events of last night into place.
One of the things we’d debated about early on was the idea of showing the clean-up crew and MIBs in a montage, and actually showing Blake’s memory being tampered with– but ultimately decided against it, since I’d prefer unveiling the MIB guys in a more dramatic fashion down the road.


Big thanks to Webcomic Alliance and Drezz Rodriguez for featuring us in their article on Team Environment comics!

Working this way has both it’s advantages and disadvantages– but ultimately, I’ve always felt that the strengths of our team greatly outweigh any negatives. The fact that each member of Team 16 is Ninja Level in their respective discipline is obviously a major bonus, but as I’ve mentioned here a number of times, (for me) it’s those moments when one of the gang chimes in with a suggestion– or, in some artistic fashion additively creates something new on the page, that was never originally intended– I mean, THAT’S the stuff!

Comics are a collaborative art form…and truthfully, I just don’t think they’d be much fun to make if they weren’t!



Ok, we’ve got a stunner of a page coming up next– and I’m going to do my best to roll that out this week– keep an eye out tomorrow!