No More Secrets, eh? Kinda doubt that!

Heya gang! Welcome back for Prom-Prep, Part 2– aka: Page 3!

We’ll kick off with a big shoutout and Spy6teen “NoPrize” to Iwasno1special, who totally called out the Corsage being a superspy gizmo in last week’s comment section! As soon as I saw that comment, I had to chuckle– but decided to hold off until the big “reveal” this week– yes, I think I can hear a “I knew it!” from here!


* Well, just like last week’s DJ Dress design, I’m totally in love with the Corsage! And I think it goes to show that if you’re a budding comic book artist, practice drawing EVERYTHING. Because it won’t just be Batman fighting the Joker for 22 pages– you never know if you’ll be designing a corsage one day!

* In fact, everything about this page from DJ’s side of things just works marvelously: From the little background details in Panel 1 (notice the photo in the background?), to Cally’s “sotto” expression in Panel 2, and Conrad’s “Y’just KNOW I’m lying” expression in panel 6– This page is just filled with great storytelling.

*Layout wise, I’m a big fan of how DJ “Anchored” the page with a long shot in Panel 3– notice how it instantly orientates you to the scene, especially in regards to the sides of the room that Cally and Conrad are on.

* Here’s something cool I notice as I was writing this up– I had a preview of the current page alongside the “live” version of page 2:


…and it occurred to me how Lisa’s colors really move the story along– Just by changing the color of the walls, these 2 scenes (just one page apart, and continuity-wise, just one floor apart) have a sense of progression. Granted, we’ve established the colors of both rooms in the past, but seeing them next to each other was pretty interesting to me.

* I’m pretty sure Lisa was one step ahead of me on the script! I forgot to call it out on the page, but this scene takes place at dusk– Not a spoiler, but next week’s page is an exterior, where you’ll see the skies in action. Luckily, Lisa was on the ball and our windows in the scene reflect the time of day!

* Great closeup of Cally’s textured dress in panel 2, also!

* Brant, DJ Kirkbride & I had our usual pre-page editing session early this morning. I was originally a little concerned that Conrad’s panel 4 speech might run a little cramped. Originally I’d scripted:

 CONRAD: Cally, I just want you to know– everything I did, it was only to keep you safe. I know how insane this spy business is, and I just hoped I could let you have a few moments of a normal teenage life.

One big ‘ole block of text!
With just a few panel/balloon moves, I think DJ took the stiffness out of Conrad’s line– making it  sound much more sincere, which I was a little worried about.

Turns out, Brant managed to get everything in, so the word weight turned out to be a non-issue.
Between having one our patented “Technobabble/Science-y” dialogues, and a heartfelt moment, I think we’ve finally gotten a pretty good handle on Page/Word counts!


Bit of a short write up this week– feeling a tad under the weather, so I’m going to wrap up pretty quick here!

In the meantime, here’s a quick little plug for our own DJ Kirkbride, who will be launch a webcomic of his own fairly soon (co-written by a great fellow named Adam P. Knave) & illustrated by Nick Brokenshire called “Amelia Cole”:

I’ve read the first issue and it’s pretty fantastic!
Not much at the site right now, but I’m telling you, just bookmark it now! I’ll be sure to let you know when DJ and the gang officially launch.

…wasn’t DJ and the Gang an 80s rap group? No? hmmm, they should have been

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