Thanks very much for stopping by on launch week! If you’re a long-time fan of us from back in the Zuda days, or you’re just joining us for the first page of our relaunching, I’d like to extend a heartfelt welcome from all of us at Team Spy6teen!

We’re just at the start here, but rest assured that you’ll see us, every Monday at noon, with a brand-spankin’ new page of Spy6teen! Our first volume (an 88 page graphic novel) has been totally mapped out– and I humbly submit to you: It’s gonna be a fun ride!

In the meantime, feel free to poke around the site. It’s going to be a constantly evolving process, but so far we have content in our About, Blog, and Links sections. Additionally, starting on Thursday, we’ll be updating our behind-the-scene blog with some fun/cool/informative articles!

Naturally, we’d love it if you guys could join us on our Facebook page, or Twitter. I’m currently lining up a few contests and promos for both– should be fun! We’ll never spam and we’ll always @ back!

Comments are always welcome as well!

So, off we go, seeya Thursday!!