Can’t believe we’re a) already in October, and b) at page 15!

Here’s our first look at the Spy6teen “bad” of the arc, granted just a tease, but you’ll be seeing more of our tentacled friend in upcoming pages! But for now, you just get an idea of the havoc it can wreak!

Production-wise this was a fun page: from the static screens in panel one, to the “wormhole effect” in panel 4, Lisa really knocked it out of the park.
Brant did some cool stuff with the comm-balloons in panel 1 as well! But, to me, the real star of this page is DJ’s layout/perspective in panel 4.

As I’ve mentioned before, Spy6teen started as a print project– and one of the time-tested, long running, storytelling techniques of print comics is the double-page splash. It’s the comic book version of suddenly going “widescreen.”

I’ll talk a bit more about double-page splashes and OnGNs in this week’s blog, but I’ll leave it at this: DJ’s panel 4 could have been a double page splash– but with really clever perspective work, he was able to convey everything that needed to happen, and was able to do so in an action packed way. The panel itself is a little over 1/3 of a page, but it feels big. And ultimately, that’s what matters.

In other news, Lisa spent a little time this weekend putting together some banner ads for this week’s marketing push– Most of them featuring our new tag lines: “As if High School wasn’t hard enough” (which Brant came up with) and “Saving the world every Monday“– Take a look and let us know what you think:

If you guys have any other cool tagline ideas, feel free to let us know and we’ll implement them in the next round of Banner ads, which DJ is currently designing…Ohhh, maybe even a contest! (keep an eye out for that!)

I’ll pop our banners up in the very dusty “Store & Freebies” section– We’re also working up some wallpapers for you guys as well! While I’m under the hood, I also promise to revamp the links section– which has been long overdue.

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Since we’re in a new month, the votes have been reset. We should have a banner ad running on TWC¬† later this month– so we’ll let you how that goes!

Well, hope everyone has a great week– make sure to swing by the blog on Thursday! Should be a fun one!